Strategy and consulting

Long term cooperation is more than a mere sum of individual orders. When developing solutions for our customers, we first perform a thorough analysis of the business environment and purposes in order to ensure that we can meet the objectives and needs in the best possible way.

  • We research and analyze the business environment
  • We consult and advise
  • We develop marketing strategies

Mobile applications and responsive webdesign

Mobile marketing is more than just apps for mobile devices. It requires a holistic approach towards ways of reaching today’s telephone, laptop, tablet and smart TV users.

  • Native apps for mobile devices
  • Web applications
  • Mobile games
  • Applications for Smart TVs

Data management systems

We create systems and solve highly complicated problems. The algorithms we develop are frequently on the border of technology and science. We employ the best coding experts*. We are not afraid of a challenge and we are ready to accept even the most difficult of orders.

  • Mobile and web applications for business
  • Data management systems: ERP, CRM, CMS
  • Technologies supporting m-commerce

* PHP, Java, C#, C++, Objective C, Html5

Private labels and technologies

One of the most important elements of Witchcraft Studios strategy are investments in research and development. We produce innovation solutions which can be implement into products offered to our clients.

  • Mobi-Stand - tablet enclosures, multimedia kiosks
  • Salesbook - an application and data management system for mobile salesforce
  • Scanup Technology - image recognition technology
  • Mobi-Media - tablet magazines publisher

We design and research AI/UI/UX

Firstly, ergonomics. Secondly, impression. Thirdly, utility. These three values determine how end users perceive our solutions. When designing IT solutions, we bear in mind that it is actually the end user and not the customer who verifies our product.

  • We design the information architecture
  • We research utility
  • We optimize the solutions