Research and development

We have always put a lot of emphasis on R&D, right from the very beginnings of our presence in the market. One of the key elements of our strategy is investment in research and development projects whose purpose is to create innovations capable of commercialization in the form of products or individual technologies. Our R&D department contains future technologies available today.

Selected projects

Adventure Objective Language AOL

AOL – a universal, multi-platform language used to create adventure games. The Adventure Objective Language (AOL) (working name) project will be available for major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). It is a tool that has a unique characteristic – it allows non-programmers to intuitively create game mechanisms. More advanced users can use AOL as a programming tool to create games for multiple platforms. Due its innovative character, the project received financing from the European Regional Development Fund. Work to ensure the solution’s compatibility is almost complete.